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his eyes and did not open them again till nine o'clock. When he opened his eyes he saw Bundy, already dressed, sitting in a chair beside the window. "Hallo! it's late," he exclaimed; "isn't it, Mr. Bundy?" "Nine

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o'clock." "Haven't you had your breakfast?" "No; I am waiting for you." "Why didn't you wake me up before? I don't like to keep you waiting." "My boy," said Bundy in an affectionate tone, "it is the least I can

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do when you lay awake for me all night. I shall not soon forget your friendly devotion." "You mustn't flatter me, Mr. Bundy," said Oliver. "You may make me vain." "I'll take the risk." "Have you been out?" "Yes;

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I went out to get a paper, and I have seen our landlady. I gave her warning—told her I should leave to-day." "What did she say?" "She seemed surprised and wanted to know my reasons. I told her that I wasn't used t

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